Jardín del Este Neighborhood

Barrio Jardín del Este in Vitacura stands out as an oasis of tranquility and style in the middle of the city. With a privileged location in Vitacura, this neighborhood offers an exclusive and harmonious environment.

Its architectural design, green spaces and common areas make this neighborhood a unique place to establish a home. In addition, life in Barrio Jardín del Este offers facilities and amenities, such as squares, recreational areas and proximity to the Alianza Francesa school.

Exclusivity and security are outstanding characteristics of this place. If you are looking for an ideal place to establish your home, we invite you to consider Barrio Jardín del Este in Vitacura. You will experience quality of life, harmony and exclusivity in an incomparable environment. In addition, being close to schools, which makes it an excellent option for families.

Exclusivity and security are fundamental characteristics of Barrio Jardín del Este. With constant surveillance, living in this gated community provides tranquility and comfort. It also stands out for its distinguished and exclusive atmosphere in the Vitacura district.

Where is Barrio Jardín del Este located?

Barrio Jardín del Este is located in the district of Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.

What are the advantages of the privileged location of Barrio Jardín del Este in Vitacura?

Barrio Jardín del Este offers the advantage of being close to important shopping centers, green areas and having access to services and public transportation. In addition, it stands out for being an area with constant surveillance and security.

What is the style and architecture of Barrio Jardín del Este like?

Barrio Jardín del Este is characterized by the careful design of the homes and buildings, with ample green spaces and common areas.

What facilities and amenities does life in Barrio Jardín del Este offer?

In Barrio Jardín del Este, residents enjoy parks, recreational areas and spaces for outdoor activities. In addition, it is close to schools, offering an excellent quality of life.

What level of exclusivity and security is experienced in Barrio Jardín del Este?

Barrio Jardín del Este stands out for its exclusivity and security. It has constant surveillance, providing peace of mind to its residents. In addition, its distinctive characteristics make it an exclusive place in Vitacura.