Borde Río Neighborhood, Vitacura

The Borde Río de Vitacura neighborhood in Santiago, Chile, is a residential and commercial sector located along the northern bank of the Mapocho River. This neighborhood is considered one of the most exclusive and prestigious in the Chilean capital, with a quiet and safe environment to live in.

Borde Río is home to several luxury apartment buildings, with ample views of the river and the hills surrounding the city, as well as numerous stores, restaurants, cafés and other high quality commercial establishments.

The neighborhood also has a number of public spaces, such as squares and parks, which are used by residents to play sports, walk their pets, or simply relax in a pleasant environment. In addition, access to the Mapocho River waterfront allows the residents of Borde Río to enjoy long walks and bike rides.

In summary, the Borde Río neighborhood in Vitacura is an exclusive and safe place to live, with a wide range of services and a privileged location along the Mapocho River.