French architecture in Santiago

After Chile’s independence and with the aim of giving the capital a new image, the government promoted the arrival of European architects and professionals, mainly French. Among the most renowned French architects who arrived in the country in the mid-19th century were Claude Brunet de Baines, Lucien Hénault, Emilio Doyère, Paul Lathoud, Henri Grossin, Eugène Joannon and Émile Jéquier (Franco-Chilean).

The following are some of the outstanding works of these French architects who left their mark on the patrimonial architecture of a young Santiago de Chile:

  • National Museum of Natural History (Palace of the Exposition)  

 Quinta Normal Park, Santiago 

  • Cousiño Palace  

 438 Dieciocho Street, Santiago 

  • Casa Central Universidad de Chile 

 Avda. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 1058, Santiago Downtown 

  • Santiago Stock Exchange Building  

 64 La Bolsa Street, Santiago 

  • Pereira Palace  

 1515 Huérfanos Street, Santiago 

  • Matte Palace 

 1413 Compañía Street, Santiago 

  • Palace of the Courts of Justice 

 1140 Compañía Street, Santiago 

  • Edwards Commercial Building  

 387 Estado Street, Santiago 

  • Santiago Municipal Theater  

 794 Agustinas Street, Downtown Santiago 

  • Palace of Fine Arts  

 650 José Miguel de la Barra Street, Santiago 

  • Palace of the Former National Congress 

 Catedral 1150, Santiago. 

  • Mapocho Station  

 Plaza de la Cultura s/n, Santiago

You can’t miss this patrimonial route through the French architectural legacy in Santiago!