La Casa

Our tailor-made fitting-out or furnishing service is designed for the assignee who wants to live in their permanent home from day one, avoiding international moving, hotel accommodation or temporary housing.

Considering that the supply of furnished homes is limited, our housing qualification service allows the collaborator and her family to choose a property of their liking without limitations.

We favor neutral and timeless designs, of the best quality and maximum comfort.

Effectively. We only work with new furniture.

  • It’s cheaper
  • It does not mean stress or worries for the assignee and his family (we take care of everything)
  • Allows you to live from the first day in Chile to your new home, avoiding the rental of furniture or temporary accommodation

We also offer a used furniture sales service, in which you do not have to deal with anything. The sale can be made once they return to the country of origin.


We are an international mobility company based in Chile.

We offer solutions to companies and individuals, supporting them comprehensively in all stages and edges of the migration process.

Whatsapp: (+56 9) 9 290 0194
Address: Alonso de Córdova 5320, of 1403, piso 14, Las Condes, Santiago de Chile.