Los Adoquines Neighborhood

The Los Adoquines neighborhood is a residential neighborhood located in the eastern sector of Santiago, in the commune of Nuñoa.

The name of the neighborhood is due to the fact that most of its streets are paved with stone cobblestones, which gives it a picturesque and antique look.

It is known for being a quiet and safe area, with lots of neighborhood life, cafes, large green areas, houses with gardens and low-rise buildings. It also has an excellent location, close to important access roads such as Avenida Tobalaba, Autopista Vespucio Oriente and Francisco Bilbao, as well as the Francisco Bilbao and Príncipe de Gales subway stations.

In terms of educational centers, there is a wide range of schools and kindergartens in the sector and surrounding neighborhoods.

The supply of services and stores in the neighborhood is varied and ranges from large supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants to cafes and neighborhood stores. It is also close to important shopping centers, such as the Plaza Egaña Mall and the Nuñoa Portal.

The Los Adoquines neighborhood is a unique place in Santiago, with a very particular seal that enchants all its visitors.