Restaurants overlooking the sea: Zapallar, Cachagua and Maitencillo

Maitencillo, Cachagua and Zapallar are beautiful beaches that are characterized by their proximity to Santiago, which makes them an attractive option to enjoy a weekend at the beach or a day trip for the more adventurous. 

That is why we wanted to present you with delicious options to eat, have lunch or have a drink looking at the sea in each of these resorts. 


  • 1. La Pescá
  • 2. 5unsetlounge
  • 3. El Hoyo
  • 4. La Laguna Ice Cream Parlor
  • 5. Beach Break Sushi


  1. Restaurant Cesar Zapallar
  2. 327 Bistro
  3. El Chiringuito


1. Casa Las Cujas