Touring the Elqui Valley

In this publication we want to tell you a little about the must-see activities in one of the most visited destinations in northern Chile, the Elqui Valley.

Vicuña, the largest town in the area, is only 15 minutes away from La Serena. It offers a variety of activities such as the incomparable visit to the municipal observatory of Cerro Mamalluca, which remains open all night to allow visitors to see the sky like never before.
You can also find in Vicuña the Gabriela Mistral Museum, which helps us to better understand the origins of the Chilean poetess of world caliber.

In Pisco Elqui you can enjoy the Pisco Route, where you can know and taste the products of different distilleries in the area such as Mistral, Tres Erres, Capel and Artesanos de Cochiguaz, to name a few.
In the town you can also visit the Pisco Museum.

A few minutes from Elqui is the Cochiguaz Valley, which stands out for its nature. There you can camp and enjoy the calm nights and clear skies of the area.

Finally, we recommend you to visit the Puclaro Reservoir, already well known among kite surfers for its favorable characteristics for this sport. But if trekking is your thing, you can also enjoy this reservoir from the view offered by the Molle hill.